• Just press ⇧

    SnapRuler will snap to every edge and corner visible on the screen. We know you like rounded corners, we like them too.

  • Copy with one click

    Copy dimensions instantly and paste it to your code. That quick.

  • Pixel perfect

    Know exactly what you're measuring. We worked really hard to make sure your measurements are 100% what you want.

  • Save images

    Take screenshots effortlessly. All files go to one folder, so you can keep your desktop clean.

  • Choose your format

    You can choose from 8 dimensions formats: HTML, CSS, CoreGraphics, sass, Rails, JavaScript, ActionScript and Quartz.

  • Retina screen and OS X Mavericks ready!

    Algorithms used by SnapRuler work great on your new MacBook Pro. We made sure that you will be able to rock on measuring things with the newest OS X.

  • Actual Size Mode

    Go beyond pixels! Measure object in relation to other objects and set up your own units (e.g. meters or inches).

  • Refine your selection

    You can always fine-tune your last action using arrow keys. Or undo it altogether.

  • Under the tip of your finger

    Use a hotkey to bring SnapRuler to the front and start measuring immediately.

for $9.99